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Artificial Intelligence

Custom artificial intelligence development
For many it is still science-fiction, but we know that it is very real, very relevant; moreover, an area developing on a daily basis. If you want to get deeper into the subject, or may be wondering how it would be interesting / particularly relevant to you, contact us! We will answer all your questions in the context of an - obviously free - consultation.

  • Industrial data science and artificial Intelligence development
  • Custom artificial Intelligence development
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision

Industry 4.0 solutions

Our main area of work is production line data analysis and AI development to solve issues such as abrupt production line breakdowns. Based on data we collect, and assisted by the predictions of the machine learning algorithm we develop, a number of production line breakdowns can be prevented, thus increasing manufacturing productivity significantly.

Web development

About us

We are software developer mechanical engineers with a strong focus on 4.0 industry. We not only have an understanding of the gap between engineering and IT, but we are also able to bridge it.

Horváth Dávid LinkedIn

David Horvath

Balogh Endre LinkedIn

Endre Balogh

Tóth Ádám LinkedIn

Adam Toth

Molnár István LinkedIn

Istvan Molnar
Head of AI

Révész Imre LinkedIn

Imre Revesz
Full stack developer

Ocskó Gábor LinkedIn

Ocskó Gábor
Senior full stack fejlesztő

Szatmári Bence LinkedIn

Bence Szatmari
Frontend developer

Nyírő Péter LinkedIn

Peter Nyiro
Frontend developer

Klacsán Csaba LinkedIn

Csaba Klacsan

Office dog

Junior dog



  • First of all, we are going to sit down and consult with you. We are going to carefully assess your needs so that we can understand your ideas and see the vision You see.
  • You get a detailed, transparent quote. We can not identify with solutions with unpredictable costs and hourly fees, or when the customer doesn’t get what was promised and not for as much as it was expected. The price quotation is a business tool that we hold for ourselves.
  • We make a preliminary plan with your involvement. Here, every obscure detail is clarified, questions are answered, everything is assembled for implementation. Success is based on effective planning. And that's it, you can sit back and relax!
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