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We are collaborating with Rolls-Royce Electrical to develop an internal engineering simulation product.

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We have a long-standing relationship with Rolls-Royce Electrical to develop an internal cloud simulation platform.


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At Rolls-Royce Electrical, a group of engineers were facing some flexibility problems when they needed to run computer simulations and calculations on the on-premise hardware for research and development purposes.

Each simulation is different and requires different specifications in terms of hardware, so it was difficult to maintain the correct environment every time an engineer needed a custom calculation or simulation.


Instead of on-premise hardware, the idea was to shift the environment to the Azure Cloud so users can create or delete virtual machines according to their running projects. The problem was that these users didn’t have time and permission to handle the Azure Cloud Portal so Lexunit has designed and developed a user-friendly web-based platform (Cloud Simulation Platform) where users can easily create and allocate virtual machines to their needs. Furthermore, the platform supports multiple permission levels where project managers and administrators can easily help and take care of researchers to achieve their custom needs.

The platform also helps to follow the costs of the virtual machines and supports overall project budgets to prevent unnecessary expenses.

The Azure Platform and the Cloud Simulation Platform are in constant synchronization so every process regarding the engineers’ daily work can be handled via the Cloud Simulation Platform.
The user management handled by the Azure portal doesn’t need to create separate user accounts for the researchers. 

The Cloud Simulation Platform has the following features:

  • Virtual Machine (create, delete, start, stop)
  • Role-based user accounts
  • Budget control and cost following
  • Custom VM  images
  • Historical data (runtime, cost, etc.)


The Cloud Simulation Platform supports engineers to benefit from the Microsoft Azure Cloud System without requiring any technical knowledge of the Azure Cloud Architecture or any technical skills for the user interface of the Azure portal. Engineers can interact with custom virtual machines in a user-friendly manner, so they can focus on their work instead of spending time on the right environment setup for their simulations and calculations.


The result is that engineers and researchers at Rolls Royce Electrical can use custom computation in a very cost-effective way for the projects they work on (simulations, calculations, or any required computation) and it saves a large amount of money at this scale.

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