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Head in the Clouds - The Best Cloud-based Services and AI Solutions

The “cloud” now looks back on a decade-long history and even though it has become part of our everyday lives, it's often still not entirely clear what we mean by it. In this article, we clarify all the fundamental questions, list the best cloud services, and discuss the role and »

The Stages of Software Development - AI in Coding

Digital industry goes back more than half a century. Software development began to gain momentum in the 70s and 80s, but with the development of Internet technologies it has reached a new level, now we are almost completely surrounded by various digital devices that are controlled by at least a »

Business Intelligence - the Highest Level of Business IT

The aim of Business Intelligence Business intelligence solutions are designed to improve the operational efficiency of companies. But isn’t that the goal of every single IT-related innovation? In fact, isn’t that the goal of all business activities? Business Intelligence or BI is not an easy topic to grasp »

Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Anyone who’s read our three-part series of introductory articles can already imagine how Artificial Intelligence solutions are built in everyday life, in the world of business and in fields of industry. The use of AI mainly focuses on how to generate real value from data and how to get »

What is Big Data and How Can We Use It?

The meaning of Big Data Big Data is “big” because it represents a significantly larger chunk of information than usual, which is considered to be unprocessable with conventional tools. Hence Big Data is not a specific device or technology, but a concept and the characterization of an era. In the »

How AI Supports Industrial Data Analysis and Decision Making

We have already wrote about the "long journey of data", the complete process of mining the digital gold of contemporary times. In the previous post, we descended into the mines and excavated for ore. Now the time has come to extract precious metals from the unearthed material and make use »

A Bountiful Supply of Data - How to Collect and Store Business Data

In our previous post, we have talked about the four phases of data management and outlined how to optimize business operations using smart data. High technology, or "high tech" refers to mechanical, electronic and industrial science that is at the cutting edge: the most advanced technology available. We at Lexunit »