We are developing software and artificial intelligence solutions with an engineering approach and expertise.

Lexunit provides cutting-edge technology services in the areas of custom software- and web app development, as well as business - and artificial intelligence solutions.

What can we offer for you?

As a highly qualified team working together for years, we defeat any technological problem. We analyze tasks in a holistic view, creatively and efficiently, always selecting the most appropriate tools to solve a task.

Every customer and every project is a new challenge, therefore it requires complex services in order to get the most optimal result. However, for simplicity, Lexunit’s core activities are divided into the following main categories:

Our Services

Every business operates differently, using various technologies and having its own special difficulties. Thus, to every challenge our answer is a customized solution which we make sure to be the most suitable one according to our clients’ needs.

By using our BI services, you will be able to ensure that you always have up-to-date, easily transparent and thus predictable information when it comes to making your business decisions, therefore you will be able to reduce your business risk and increase your competitiveness in the market as well.

Using our AI solutions, it becomes possible to perform even those operations efficiently, rapidly and precisely that previously could not have been performed at all, or only at a huge cost.

We contribute to the implementation of a project from step 0: we can already help our partners by giving them advice and suggestions, when they contact us having only a simple idea, a raw plan or a problem they are struggling with.

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Due to the outstanding expertise provided by Lexunit, our services create unique values which can be successfully used in any industry. Although our focus is primarily on the manufacturing, ICT sectors and on research and development, we are always looking to expand our knowledge with experiences from other industries as well.

Research & Development, Innovation

We are committed to supporting innovative initiatives and constantly looking for opportunities to utilize our gained knowledge and experience. The more complex mindset and creativity a development requires, the more interesting it is for us. We are up to your challenges!


To enable manufacturers to react immediately to market changes, it is indispensable that the production phases are easily transparent, predictable and properly organized, ensuring efficient capacity and resource management, contributing to a permanent quality and maintainability.

Information and communications Technology

Due to the huge wave of digitization in the past few years, the competition between the ICT companies has been drastically intensified, requiring them to place even more emphasis on modern and innovative developments in order to keep their customers.









Google Cloud


Docker Swarm












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